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Titling 60 Series Furniture Seems Blown By the Wind

Anything weird and unique could either impress you or would give you a poker face. But for some, items like this are worth collecting. If wij speak of home decoratie and furniture, there are uniquely designed pieces that may even make us wonder if it can uit useful or would af a good idea to place te a huis. I eigendom seen many items like this and some of them had bot featured here on Huis Vormgeving Loof. We are going to feature a one of a kindje furniture today. What you are about to see are titling tables and chairs which zijn far from the ones wij usually use with 90 degrees angle. This one zijn called the ’60 ’ series. Yes, it is called that way because it existentie tilting 60 degrees. It actually looks swaying to one side spil if blown with the wind. The 60 Red Chair and 60 Blue Chair are both painted stengel while the 60 Console and Chair are made from mahogany te a rich yellow hue. Let us take a knoflook at them below. The table bestaat made from halm and existentie tilted on 60 degrees. XYZ Integrated Architecture While this zijn the 60 Console and Chair made from mahogany and has an upholstered seat. 60 Series XYZ And yes, you can sit on it but you might also feel like tilting too! Titling furniture This series bestaan a playful vormgeving that combines function, aesthetics and balance. furniture designs And it would overheen a volmaakt addition to any furniture collectors. tilted furnitures If you knoflook at it, the vormgeving bestaan just simple, only that it existentie tilted. office table Would you use this pair as your office table? Or you think your clients will feel tilted too? Lol. surreal table It does looks like it ’s going to pauze down but it doesn ’t. It has a sturdy vormgeving. blue tables The furniture are certainly works of art. And the designers really thought of how they can arrive to such design while maintaining balance. Tbilisi-based The photos are from Tbilisi-based photography agency NakaniMamasaxlisi. table design This photography bezit shown the connection between bodies and the oblique light furniture. 60 Series XYZ And this one existentie the 60 Red Chair which zijn made from steel and painted binnen red. I guess you felt like tilting and swaying too. You might even hesitate to sit on it or to rivierbron something on it. But despite being tilted, it is still functional. The 60 opeenvolgingen zijn designed by Tbilisi, Georgia based design studio XYZ Integrated Architecture. By now, the model of these furniture are part of a private collection. I guess thesis will look good for an exhibit! I ’m not sure when this could be available te the market. If you tegoed one, you would definitely feel like you tegoed 60 Opeenvolgingen XYZ!, Titling 60 Series Furniture Seems Blown By the Wind newhomedesignhome.blogspot.com.tr/ farkıyla sizlerle.

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